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Aerosmith Pinball is a new line of games to come from Stern Pinball. Three Aerosmith Pinball models will be made: Pro, Premium and Limited Edition.

Stern Pinball in association with Epic Rights, Aerosmith’s licensing agent, jointly announced in January that a new line of pinball machines that honour the classic and iconic rock band would be made in 2017.

At the time of announcement, Stern Pinball said the Pro Model would cost $USD6199.

The game's soundtrack features 9 iconic Aerosmith hits.

The Aerosmith machines all feature original hand-drawn art created by "Dirty" Donny Gillies who has produced work for bands including Queens of the Stone Age and metal band Metallica.

Players will be mesmerized by the interactive "Jacky in the Box" mechanical feature on the playfield.

All machines are powered by the SPIKE-2 new electronic system that enables high-definition graphics and innovative animation on a HD LCD.

Pro Model game features:

• Jacky's 3D sculpted interactive mechanical ball locking toy box
• Ball throwing interactive magnet
• Airborne kicker launches ball into Jacky's Toy Box
• "Love in an Elevator" molded toy on playfield Rats in the Cellar spinner Elevator ball scoop
• Steel entrance ramps
• Chrome wireform exit ramp
• "Crank it Up" ball scoop
• 9 Iconic greatest hit Aerosmith tracks
• Jacky speech calls by Brendon Small from Adult Swim
• Players can choose 3, 4, 5, or 6 ball multiball
• 9 Aerosmith spell out stand up targets
• 2 stand up targets (light right outlane for VIP pass ball save)
• "Sneak In" skill shot

Backglass and art on the Pro Model:

• Dirty Donny Blue "Stone" art package
• Dirty Donny hand drawn translite art featuring the band

Hardware and trim on the pro Model:

• Snap latch front molding bar with RGB LED smart button
• Traditional playfield rod supports
• Powder coated steel and plywood backbox with color themed T-molding
• Black powder coated legs, armor, hinges, front molding
• Ball Scoop edge protectors

Lighting on the Pro Model:

• 3 Pop Bumpers with RGB LED lighting
• 8 color-changing RGB LED's under playfield main shot inserts
• Mini dome LED flashers (6-Pro, and 5-LE/Prem)
• 2 playfield illuminating spotlights
• Spotlight flash lamp illumination for Jacky

Other Pro Model features:

• New SPIKE-2 electronic system with switching power-supply
• Stereo Hi-Fidelity sound system with 3 channel amplifier
• Separate treble and bass adjustment
• New CPU mounted line-out audio connector for external amplification
• 6 Ball game
• Traditional Coin Door
• Modular computer style cord

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