Alien Pinball Standard Edition

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Thirty-five years after Alien first hit movie theatres around the world, Heighway Pinball brings this terrifying title to pinball.

With an all-new playfield layout, designed by industry legend Dennis Nordman, this pinball game focuses on the first two movies, Alien and Aliens.

The player is submersed into the depths of outer space to play through multiple modes and stories featuring some of the most iconic storylines from both movies.

The Alien Pinball is a follow up to Heighway Pinball’s debut pinball machine title, Full Throttle, and has been in production for quite some time.

Standard Edition games are expected to begin shipping at the beginning of January 2017.

Alien Pinball Standard Edition is jam-packed full of features, including:

• 4 Flippers
• 3 x colour-changing pop bumper Alien Eggs
• 2 x jumping Facehugger slingshots
• 2 x spinners
• 2 x magnets
• 1 x APC drop target bank
• 1 x Chestburster up/down drop target
• 1 x Revers-o-matic
• Hypersleep Lock
• Ball-eating Xenomorph head
• Rotating Airlock/Alien Queen toy
• ‘Revive’ ball saver
• 5 x Alien modes
• 5 x Aliens modes
• 5 x Multiball modes
• Blade inside cabinet artwork

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