Ami No San Version 3 Medal Game

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Ami No San Version 3 is a new version fishing machine design by Sega, the colorful ocean projected on the 70 inch large screen; it is the latest series of popular fishing game.

This medal game features in the interactively stage, suitable for six players playing with.

The game play comes with excitement JACKY POT games, collect black pearls games or white pearls games to win coins or tokens and with various of skill games by catching fishes in the cute fishes paradise.

There are five levels base on five lamps on or off to earn the JACKY POT. When five lamps are on, that will enter the collect white pearls games challenging in the "Physical Dragon Palace". When five lamps are off, that will enter the collect black pearls games challenging with the "Dragon".

  • medal game
  • system board: Lindbergh board
  • players: 1 ~ 6 players

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