Aqua Race Extreme 4D/5D Motion Simulator

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Aqua Race Extreme is now available in the new 4D/5D Model with 3D video + wind + water spray effects from Simuline. This brand new version of Aqua Racing Extreme takes exciting speed boat racing video arcade motion game to the open waves, and this great 2 seat motion simulator allows either single player or both players to take turns driving or racing against each other.

Up to four Aqua Race Extreme units can be linked together to compete in real time - and we feel it's one of the most amazing and exciting motion simulators on the market, with super-fast rocket boat racing plus super-dynamic motions for a super-realistic simulator ride experience.

The cabinet incorporates a 46" High Definition LCD flat screen display - and as the display is attached to the cabinet, it even moves with the riders!

  • 46" High Definition LCD flatscreen monitor
  • Comes with 3 courses with 5 boats to choose from
  • Three levels from Easy to Hard for a greater challenge
  • Boats can jump, drift and boost using the boost button
  • 3D video + wind and water spray effects

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