Arcade Legends 3 - Upright Cabinet

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Arcade Legends 3 Upright Multi-Game Video Arcade Machine now With LCD Gaming Monitor! The latest expandable multigame arcade game! Arcade Legends 3 comes with over 130 authentic Classic Video Games all in one great looking cabinet, along with 29 courses from Golden Tee Golf Fore Complete. Designed never to be obsolete, Arcade Legends 3 is upgradeable with current and future Arcade Legends 3 Game Expansion Packs!

Games are selected using the scrolling on-screen menu using the joystick, and game operating instructions for each game are explained on-screen for first-time users. A very user-friendly system, Arcade Legends 3 is the perfect fit for the home gameroom and game enthusiasts alike! Capture all the fun and excitement of all of your old favorite games all in one system with Arcade Legends 3!

The Arcade Legends 3 internal controls, including Game Volume, can easily be accessed from the front door of the game by pushing a button, then using the on-screen Setup & Service Menu, which includes both Self-Test/Diagnostics Functions, Monitor/Picture Adjustments + Game Customization Controls, allowing you to change any game parameters that came with the original game!

Arcade Legends III comes completely assembled with (2)8-Way Commercial Joysticks + (2) 6-Button Game Control Areas plus (1) 3" Commercial Trackball plus the addition of a traditional (but non-functioning) coin mechanism door.

Arcade Legends 3 Upright Model Game Features :

  • Arcade Legends 3 Now Comes With The Golden Tee Complete Software Pack of 29 Golden Tee Courses
  • Now Comes With Larger Commercial Style 'Golden Tee Golf" Cabinet + Redesigned Cabinet Graphics
  • Comes with High-Quality HAPP Controls Joysticks, Player Control/Fire Buttons & Smooth 3" Trackball
  • Greatly Improved Graphical User Interface Menu
  • Comes With Greatly Improved LCD Color Monitor
  • Volume Control, Individual Game Settings, System Menu Control Buttons located Inside Lockable Door,with all settings modified via On-Screen GUI Menu
  • Gaming Controls Include : (2) 8-Way Joysticks, (1) 3" Precision Trackball, (12) Play Controls Buttons, (1) One Player, Two Player and Exit Game Buttons

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