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Arcooda Video Pinball is the world's first full-sized, touchscreen video pinball machine capable of playing thousands of pinball and arcade games. With interchangeable control panels and constantly updated firmware, players have endless gaming options.

Arcooda Video Pinball has a 42" touchscreen display, 14.9" DMD and 32" backglass. The machine is available in various models including entry level model (add your own PC and software as the video pinball machine can support Pinball X, Steam, Virtua Pin, Hyperpin and more), or licensed model which offers licensed software, advanced hardware, and custom features.

Play pinball via touchscreen, plunger and flipper buttons, or plug in virtually any hand controller (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, NVidia Shield, etc.) and play thousands of games - no adapters needed. The patent pending hardware is capable of supporting all current consoles and PCs.

Unlike a conventional pinball, Arcooda Video Pinball offers downloadable content designed to function exclusively on the machine. Instead of owning one game per cabinet, players can download a variety of games and keep adding titles to their machine.

Arcooda also offers interchangeable control panels, including standard pinball, single player joystick, dual player joystick, gun shooter and more.

This exciting and innovative development is the most advanced video pinball machine in the market.

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  • Unique patent pending design and hardware
  • Full-sized pinball machine cabinet
  • Play thousands of pinball tables and arcade games on a single machine
  • Connect to Steam, or virtually any online system
  • Exclusive game content
  • World's first 42" touchscreen for video pinball action
  • HD full colour DMD
  • Real pinball plunger and flipper buttons with recoil
  • Four menu buttons at front of cabinet for easy navigation
  • Premium quality parts and safety certifications
  • Steel and plywood construction
  • Interchangeable control panels

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