Area 51 Site 4 DX

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Atari's Area 51 Site 4 is the sequel to Area 51 with more scenes, richer graphics, secret rooms and improved alien hit reaction graphics. The aliens have gotten smarter, stronger and deadlier. And this time they have a leader. It has eighteen different training events. Site 4 is a light gun game, employing the same technology as Atari's other recent gun games Area 51 and Maximum Force.

The game consists of 18 training waves, divided into three "sites" (Sites 1, 2, and 3), and a roughly six-minute long, full-blown movie-style game play sequence similar to Area 51 (Site 4).

  • Eighteen event-style shooting waves
  • Six-minute movie-style game play segment
  • Richer graphics from dedicated hardware
  • New boss alien
  • Improved alien hit reaction graphics and diversified reaction set
  • Secret rooms
  • Power-ups, including shotguns and machine guns
  • The same reliable gun performance courtesy of Atari's AccuAim gun boards

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