Armed Resistance SD Arcade Machine

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Armed Resistance SD Arcade Machine is a Singularity apocalypse themed game in which players are defending Humans from the newly developed Intelligent Organisms.

The tail of a comet makes contact with the Earth and cause a freak electrical charge across the surface of the planet, which fuses man and machine together in the affect areas, causing humanoid robots to come into existence. They are known as Intelligent Organisms.

The IO's go to battle with the military and a war of force commences. The objective of players is to destroy the enemy and occupy the Attack Tower to win points.

Players can either play in Single Battle Mode, taking on enemies alone, or in Linked Battle Mode, where two units are linked together and players destroy enemy bases together. The more bases you destroy, the more points you will win.

Players will fight across three stages - Harbor, Desert Storm and Ruins - and will have six epic vehicles to choose from, in which they will wreak havoc and destruction. These include: a sports car, a tank, trucks, a helicopter, fighter pilot, and REPTILE ROBOT!

This brightly lit cabinet with a huge wide LCD screen, will attract players in from all across the floor, while the epic game play will have them coming back to play time and again!

  • 6 epic weaponised vehicles - including a REPTILE ROBOT!
  • 3 stages in which to destroy the enemy!
  • Single and Linked Battle modes!
  • Links up to 2 units!
  • 50+ inch LCD screen with HD graphics!
  • Smart capability!

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