Austin Powers

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Austin Powers is a pinball based upon the two hit movies, Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery and Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me, both starring Mike Myers.

The game has exceptional custom speech, featuring movie script and speech, and is programmed with both adult and family settings. It also has features that are easily understood and achievable, while at the same time having more difficult objectives for moderate and advanced players to demonstrate their skills.

Screen shots 1-10 are thanks to Terry Nelson

Has 7 regular game features including:
  • Mini-Me Spinning Target - Left Orbit
  • Fat Bastard Multiball - Toilet Shot
  • Laser Beam - Left Ramp
  • Time Machine - Center Ramp
  • Austin Powers Man of Mystery - Scoop
  • Subterranean Drill - Right Ramp
  • Evil Henchman - Right Orbit

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