Bandit Express Train Indoor/Outdoor Ride

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The Bandit Express Train Indoor/Outdoor Ride is a kiddie ride game that issuitable for large entertainment areas such as Family Entertainmnet Centers or show grounds.

The 6m x 9m train ride is designed for 8 players and features vidfeo and mechanical games to entertain players! Each seat on the train comes with a number of safety features, such as seat belts, and comes with a built-in ticketing system!

The ride is controlled via a master control panel, which includes a video monitoring system to maintain safety standards and a custom music input!

The aim of the game is for the 8 players to ride the train around the track shooting at the mechanical and video targets that appear to win points. Players are rewarded at the end with tickets equal to their point score!

Bandit Express Train uses 4 different video game levels, and multiple mechanical targets on each side of the ride, to make the game as entertaingin and interactive as possible. The ride is also compatible with smartcard systems and has adjustable playtime/payout options.

The games bright and colourful design, High Definition graphics, interactive mechanical targets, and family friendly innovative technology is enjoyed by players of all ages.

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