Beatmania 6th Mix: The UK Underground Music

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Beatmania 6th Mix adopts the latest songs of current popular UK club artists. Featuring a wide range of difficulty, this game has been designed to appeal to both casual players who enjoy music as well as hardcore fans of the genre. New to this version of Beatmania is the 'Free' mode, giving players an opportunity to perform their own mixes with limited instructions from the machine.

Beatmania is a music game where the player takes on the role of a DJ. The gameplay involves the player selecting a song, with the player then having to match the notes by pressing the keys and scratching the turntable in time with the music. At the end of the song the player is rated based on their performance, and may only progress to the next song if they have rated well enough.

The game controls consist of five rectangular keys that are arranged in a zig-zag pattern. They resemble the layout of the keys of a piano and are colour coded in the same fashion, with the lower row white and top row black. A turntable is to the right of the five keys, and is turned, or "scratched".

  • AC100V +-10% (50/60Hz)
  • 300w

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