Big Buck HD Dedicated 32" Arcade Machine

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The new Dedicated model of Big Buck HD from Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix is a two player shooting style game. Gameplay includes high definition hunting in North America and Africa, with fresh new gameplay, Trophy Animal Challenges, heaps of online features - including real-time gameplay and tournatments - and in-game promotions Big Buck HD Dedicated will entertain veteran hunters and greenhorns alike.

Watch the trailer here (sourced from Bigbuckhunterpro on Youtube):

  • Comes with 32" monitor (also available with 80" monitor)
  • 1080p High Definition Cinema Quality Graphics
  • Online gaming allows real time head-to-head competition between players, Mini and Mega tournaments, location finder
  • Social networking, including Facebook and Twitter integration
  • Credit/Debit Card Acceptance
  • Preinstalled Verzion Cell Modem for easy connectivity
  • New ergonomically and structurally improved Big Buck HD gun, design is universal, however operator can choose green or orange colouring
  • Includes new Dell PC with one year warranty.

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