Big Buck Hunter Pro Arcade Machine

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The Big Buck Hunter Pro Arcade Machine is a game hunting simulator which features two standard guns for multiplayer gameplay.

This version features an all-new two-player element known in the game as 'Shootout', which lets two players compete in head-to-head competition.

Big Buck Hunter Pro also boasts 5 all-new, high-definition 3D modeled animals to hunt. These animals look and move more realistically than ever before. Hunt popular game like Whitetail Deer, Elk, Prong Horn Antelope, and now Moose and Big Horn Sheep. Hunting treks are now organized by species and not by region.

The game also includes a mix of 15 improved and new exciting bonus rounds that can be accessed through regular game play or through purchasing the Bonus Only option. These include Duck Hunt, Pappy's Moonshine Bonus, Pie in the Sky Bonus, Pheasant Hunt Bonus, Log yard Bonus, Mars Needs Cattle, Quail Hunt Bonus, Windmill Bonus, Gopher Garden Bonus, Dove Hunt Bonus, Boars Gone Wild, Frog Flippin' Bonus, Mug Shot Bonus, Clockwork Bonus, and Turkey Hunt Bonus.

Another added feature is critter hunting. You will see critters appear along with the antlered species or main hunting piece of the game, which you can now shoot for added bonus points. Critters consist of mountain lions, raccoons, possums, skunks, blackbirds, bluebirds, squirrels, foxes, wolves and rabbits. This adds a new element to the traditional hunting rounds and can help a player's score dramatically.

The Big Buck Hunter Pro Arcade Machine's improved graphics and packed gameplay make this a must-have gaming classic, which will earn well in a wide variety of locations.

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