Big One X-treme Crane Machine

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The Big One X-treme from Elaut is a plush crane machine that stands just under 13ft tall and allows two players to play simultaneously!

The game's patent pending "Claw Vision" allows players a new perspective by watching a monitor that displays the view of a claw-mounted camera, which the factory says gives them a better chance to zero in on their desired prize.

The huge space in the cabinet allows for operators to put in a wide variety of large plush toys and present various opportunities to use large merchandise items from popular movies or shows at the time! Plus, the large plush toys will draw in kids from all across the floor!

The Big One X-treme is a gigantic and brightly decorated cabinet that will stand out in the middle of any floor with various LED lights and multi colour lights. Due to it's size, is suitable mostly for large gaming areas such as Family Entertainment Centers.


  • Extreme play
  • Ultimate Earnings
  • Superior ROI
  • Mega Size (almost 13' tall)
  • Multicolor Changing
  • LED Lighting
  • LED Ultraviolet Product
  • Enchanting Lighting
  • Patent Pending 'Claw Vision'

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