Big Sweet Land Arcade Machine

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Big Sweet Land Arcade Machine is a large scale, 6 player, prize redemption arcade machine from Namco.

This is a single player game, although 6 players can play at once. When a prize touches the tag on the main slider, a roulette begins. This will initiate a bonus meter. Various bonus modes are available based on the result of the roulette. These include:

  • Miracle Jackpot (JP) - The Jackpot Box pours prizes out in front of the player's eyes!
  • Bonus Chance (A) - A handful of small prizes are refilled from the prize-stock refill mechanism.
  • Wall Bonus (B) - The side walls of the main slider raise to guide prizes out.
  • Push Bonus (C) - An extra table comes out from under the main slider to push prizes forward.

This machine is quite large and bright, easily attracting attention on any gamesroom floor.

  • Dynamic jackpot action
  • Various bonus modes
  • You can vend large boxes
  • Two forms of prize-stock mechanisms
  • Up to six players simultaneously

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