Black Hole Pinball Machine

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The Black Hole Pinball Machine is a space adventure pinball game from Gottlieb that takes players on a thrilling journey through a black hole! Do you dare to enter the black hole?

Black Hole is a 1-4 player pin that uses two playfields. The lower playfield can be seen through a blue plastic window in the center of the main playfield, just above a 5th display that shows the bonus score.

The game features 4 flippers on the upper playfield and a shot to the upper right will send the ball spiraling down into the lower field which is tilted backwards away from the player. The lower field lights up and the player has the option of 2 banks of drops, a 3 and a 4 as well as a loop that advances the bonus multiplier, and a trapped ball hole.

A player can "accomplish re-entry" by completeing a drop targent bank, otherwise when the ball is lost on the lower playfield, the ball is finished. Triple ball mose can be attained by trapping a ball on the upper and lower playfields, and then hitting a ball down to the lower field again, releasing the lower ball, if re-entry is accoplished, both ball return to the upper playfield, and the upper ball is released. Both playfields are then active.

The head of the machine holds 4 displays with a 10" spinning graphic disk in the center, and "chasing" lights that circle the backglass. There are actually 2 backglasses, the formost being reflective.

The game also has a synthesized voice that says the following: "Do you dare enter the black hole?", "No one escapes the black hole", "shoot targents for re-entry", "re-entry failed", "re-entry accomplished", and more!

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