Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pinball Machine - Premium Version

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The mighty Black Knight rides again! Players now have the chance to battle him and his Legions in a feature rich Mechanical Action Melee of sound and light.

Featuring stainless steel ramps, chrome wire ramps and magna-save magnets, players are ready to take on the Black Knight in Stern's Black Knight: Sword of Rage Pinball Machine. But watch out for the interactive Black Knight himself. With a spinning flail and power shield and speech synced RGB LED helmet lights and eyes, he is a formidable foe. He is also voiced by Steve Ritchie with other characters played by Ed Robertson and many others.

The Premium Model features exclusive "Swordsman" full colour high definition art on the translite backglass and decal cabinet art. It also features a 12 gauge stainless steel flail lane floor which protects the playfield and includes laser-cut lightning bolts, as well as a Lexan transparent Upper Playfield with 3 entrances and a unique catapult 3-Ball lock device.

The cabinet contains grogeous classic hand-drawn artwork by legendary pinball artist, Kevin O'Connor, and spectacular video art and animation. It also includes classic music, speech and sounds of the Black Knight in a special retro mode.

Game Features:
  • Lexan Upper Playfield with 1 Full Sized Flipper, Orbit Lane, Target and 3-Ball Catapult Multi-ball lock mechanism.
  • Half Pipe Shot to Upper Playfield at the end of the Flail Lane
  • Castle VUK Launches Ball from the Lower Playfield to Upper Playfield Flipper
  • Massive Stainless Steel Flail Lane Floor Protector with 10 Laser-cut Lightning Bolts, each lit with a sequenced red LED
  • Inclined stainless shooter ramp offers players a choice to enter the upper or lower playfield
  • 3 Full Sized Flippers - 2 on the lower playfield and 1 on the upper playfield
  • 26 Brilliant Playfield RGB LED's signal different features on all main shots based on colour + RGB floodlighting on upper playfield
  • 1 Skeleton Spinning Target at the Left Orbit Shot
  • Single Drop Target in Castle VUK Lane
  • Custom Interactive Black Knight toy with High Speed Motorised Flail and Shield, and speed-synced hekmet LED's and eyes
  • 3 Pop Bumpers, 2 Slingshots, 2 VUKs, 3-bank of drop targets, 1 magnet, 2 electric gates, and more
  • Front molding with RGB LED Fire/Game Start Button
  • Exclusive Interactive Magna-Save Magnet saves the ball from draining with skillful use of the Fire Button
  • 2 Super Bright Flash Lamps under lower arch creates brilliant playfield and flipper area lighting
  • Classic Lightning Wheel updated with bright RGB LED's provides beautiful anf eye catching playfield animation
  • General illumination features red and white LED lighting

General Features:
  • 6 Standard Balls
  • Stereo sound system with 3-channel amplifier
  • Separate treble and bass adjustment
  • CPU mounted line-out audio conenctor for external amplification
  • Fade adjustment to control front and bottom speaker outputs

Hardware and Trim Features:
  • Snap-latch front molding
  • EZ Slide cabinet brackets for smooth and easy playfield access
  • Powder-coated steel bottom arch
  • Powder-coated black wrinkle finish side armour, hinges, front lock-down molding and legs

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