Black Out Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine

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Black Out Ticket Redemption Arcade Machine is a video redemption game which uses a ver unique feature - a transparent, multi touch screen.

In this very unique game, Adrenaline Amusements has integrated cutting-edge transparent screen technology and multi-touch touchscreen technology, bridging the gap between video arcade game entertainment and ticket redemption play in a "industry-first" game product.

The Black Out Ticket Redemption Game features simple gameplay for all ages. Players have five attempts to "flick over" the Googabonga at the darkened Sun, using just their fingers on the huge transparent multi-touch screen on the front of the cabinet. If players are successful at covering 100% of the Sun's surface, they win the big 500 Ticket Super Jackpot Bonus!

The Black Out cabinet has an medium sized footprint, allowing it to fit into a wide variety of locations, and holds a large ticket tray. Black Out is a true skill based game, with all the fine-tuning ticket levels and winning percentages that operators want in a profitable game!

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