NFL Blitz 99 SD

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Blitz 99 the sequel to the orginal Blitz with new added features;-

Introducing NFL Blitz '99, jam-packed with the extras and features players wanted. Up to four-player capability, it also stars the innovative "Play Editor," which lets you create, personalize, and store your own plays.

With an N64 memory card, you can even design plays at home, and bring them back to the stadium for truly customized play! NFL Blitz '99, is in a league of its own. Football will never be the same again.

  • 39 inch deluxe cabinet also available, H79.5 X W43 X D68(inches) weight 800lbs(363kgs)
  • Updated Rosters.
  • N64 Control pak create your own plays feature.
  • On Fire plays.
  • New animations.

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