Boxer Gift Prize Arcade Machine

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The Boxer Gift Prize Arcade Machine is a modern amusement sports game based on boxing or punching. It is a prize redemption game that measures the strength of the blow for each player, awarding points which players can acumulate to earn prizes!

This sports arcade machine is a fun and exciting physical game to get players up and moving, with the aim of the game being to hit the punching bag as hard as you can, winning points based off the strength of your punch.

With a certain number of points a player can win prizes, for example, once a player reaches '555', '333', or '444' points, they will receive a small prize. Where as the amount of '666' or '777' points will earn a bigger reward. The machine ensures high earnings at each location, both indoors and outdoors.

The Boxer Gift is a limited edition waterproof cabinet that is quite tall, and features LED lighting effects and great sound effects to make the game a little more interactive and engaging. The cabinet is of a durable make and uses tempered glass for extra strength to protect the prizes.

This fun and exciting game is hard not to notice with it's tall and brightly lit cabinet, and will draw in players of all ages from all across the floor, as they attempt to score points and earn prizes!


  • Tempered glass for increased strength
  • Glamorous and bright backlight
  • The unique design of the limited edition
  • Waterproof design
  • Protecting the electronics and power supply from possible moisture
  • Total reliability machine
  • Machine type gift earns an average of four times more than ordinary boxer machines
  • Durable construction
  • Optional ability to install machine to give balls with prizes

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