Boxer Big Top

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A boxing machine manufactured by DawPol. The machine is simple to use - players simply press the start button and punch the bag! The machine measures the strength of the punch and displays the information. Big Top version with an extra large, eye catching header/topper.

The machine can also be outfitted with a ticket dispenser, making it possible to award tickets to players based on the strength of their punch.

The Boxer suits all individuals, small and large groups - and their durable build means that they could even be used for competition events.

Machine is available in Black or Red colour options.

  • Programmable coin acceptor
  • Individual displays for Points, High Score, and Credits
  • Mp3 stereo music
  • 4 speaker sound system
  • Wide demo program (music plus illumination)
  • LED lighting for low voltage consumption
  • OLED display backlight
  • Voice advertisements in stand-by mode (changeable by operator)
  • Changeable difficulty levels
  • Waterproof for outdoor and indoor

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