Boxer Multiplayer Arcade Machine

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The Boxer Multiplayer Arcade Machine is a modern multiplayer amusement sports game based on boxing or punching that measures strength and awards points for each blow, and also features funny voice commentary!

This 6 player sports arcade machine has a unique style and attracts the attention of players, not only because of it's superb artwork, but because of it's fun and simple game play that draws players in and keeps them coming back to improve their game.

The Boxer Multiplayer will get players up and moving, with the aim of the game being to hit the punching bag with speed, strength, and accuracy. have tonnes of fun versing friends and family in a contest of strength to see who is the Boxer Champion!

The waterproof cabinet is of a durable make that comes with different colour trims: blue, black, yellow, red, and white.

It is a functional and modern design, that works well in both indoor and outdoor locations, and is a high earning machine in a wide variety of locations, such as street arcades and family entertainment centres.

Boxer Multiplayer Arcade Machine is an exciting game in a tall vibrant cabinet that will stand out in any location. The competitive nature of the game and bright cabinet will draw in players from all across the floor as they test their strength!


  • Appearance: available in standard graphic or any request graphics
  • Information about the strength of impact in dozens of voice comments
  • Measurement of strength, speed and reflexes
  • Reliable electronic self-diagnostic system
  • Setting the force of the impact
  • Programmable electronic coin mech
  • Setting the record
  • Electronic counter
  • European CE certificate
  • Multiplayer - 6 players

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