Brave Fire Fighters

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Brave Fire Fighters is a forward scrolling 3D game that puts players in the heart of a serious fire taking place in a downtown hotel. The player uses a fire hose nozzle that replicates the weight, grip and controls you would find on a real fire hose. The tip of the nozzle twists allowing players to control the shape of the spray from a light mist to a strong stream. The nozzle also vibrates when the spray switch is depressed adding greatly to the illusion of reality.

The player's goal is to locate and bring to safety the trapped guests. Players are confronted with a number of obstacles including realistic smoke, unexpected explosions, falling objects and of course, unpredictable conflagrations. It's about as close to a real fire you can get without singeing your eyebrows.

Brave Firefighters utilizes a slightly modified Naomi Hardware system called Hikaru. Hikaru incorporates a custom Sega graphics chip and possesses larger memory capacity then standard Naomi systems.

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