Bunny Pond Arcade Machine

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The Bunny Pond Arcade Machine is a water gun fun game, kiddie redemption. The design and graphic of the Bunny Pond Arcade Machine is carefully developed for children. So, it can help you to keep your beloved children inside and makes them happy.

This single Bunny Pond Arcade Machine comes with kid friendly features to play safely. No plumbing require, so it is easy to assemble and also easy to clean and suitable for any indoor location.

  • Kiddie redemption, water gun fun
  • Cute elephant water squirter
  • Use your skill to squirt the bunnies back home
  • No plumbing, easy clean and suitable for any indoor location
  • Bright and colourful cabinet, attractive to children
  • Fun and attractive music/sounds effects

Play Instruction:
  • Using the water squirt gun to squirt the floating bunnies back to their home
  • Points/Tickets rewarded for every bunny that is squirted back into the archway
  • Timer counter displays time taken
  • Single player game

  • 1 x Bunny Pond Arcade Machine

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