California Speed SD Arcade Machine

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California Speed is a driving game which features a unique mix of tracks, including closed-circuit and open-road tracks.

There are three closed-circuit tracks based on famous race circuits, and eleven open road circuits winding through locations such as cities, beaches, deserts, mountains, shopping malls, golf courses, roller coasters and even a UFO.

There is even the ability to drive all courses in the reverse direction in the special "mirrored track mode". Plus, if players finish all fourteen tracks in order, they are rewarded with one of several, unique game endings.

California Speed allows you to drive at phenomenal speeds whilst retaining smooth control over your vehicle. Players blaze by the scenery at eye-popping velocities, yet retain a strong command over their cars.

California Speed is packed with fun things to drive on, through, and around, offering players the perfect combination of track design and drivability.

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