Centipede Chaos Ticket Redemption Machine

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ICE's Centipede Chaos brings a new spin to the beloved Atari classic Centipede. Players must blast their way through 10 waves of insects before they can take on the Wasp, Firefly and Beetle bosses. After successfully conquering the samller bosses, players can challenge the Mega Spider Boss. Each boss has its own unique signature move, with players having to adapt their play style to take them down.

Centipede Chaos gives players an advantage by providing multiple power-ups throughout the game to help take down the waves of enemies. Power-ups include scatter, shock, blaster and beam power-ups.

The cabinet features a stunning 75 inch display, with a LED-lit marqee above it. It includes mushroom-shaped seats that employ a rumble effect, helping to bring players into the action. The cabinet includes 3 over-sized joysticks and 3 single fire buttons provide easy gameplay, allowing teams of 3 to play together either cooperatively or versing.

The game can also be operated without the ticket-dispenser for amusement-only purposes.

  • LED-lit Stools
  • 75 Inch Giant Screen
  • Oversize Joystick
  • LED-lit Marqee

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