Citrus Crusher Arcade Machine

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The Citrus Crusher Arcade Machine is a video redemption hammer game, designed in the 'Whack-a-Mole' style, from Jennison Entertainment.

The unique hammer game is a ticket redemption machine that combines the traditional arcade pounder
play with on-screen video action, along with the highly unique "Olfactory Dispenser" which sprays orange, lime, and lemon scents during gameplay!

The scent spary has been implemented in the machine using the Aromerama technology and the different scents will be sprayed according to the fruit the players whacks!

Players simply grab their mallet and whack the fruits that pop up, earnign tickets as they go and enjoying the video playing on the screen. Players watch the point value rise as they hit fruit after fruit.

This fun and exciting game is fun for players of all ages and is best suited to medium or larde sized locations, such as Family Entertainment Centers.

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