Clown Rolldown

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The aim of Clown Rolldown is to roll six balls and achieve a high or low perfect score.

Clown Rolldown options include - attached stools with chrome base and colored seat, 'Jumbo Winnings' progressive sign, special power requirements upon request, complete spare parts kit, and game theme conversion kit.

  • With stool, the depth of the unit increases to 93".
  • Attraction Mode designed to attract players.
  • Can be linked to Bay Tek's 'Jumbo Winnings' progressive sign.
  • Each unit comes with ticket dispenser, ticket counter, games counter, chaser lighting system, operator adjustable ticket awards and playing fee.
  • backed with 6 month warranty.
  • Low ticket warning display.
  • Long lifetime LED display.
  • Double stack ticket holder.
  • 15 ball reservoir and low ball sensor.
  • Double coin mechanisms.
  • Removable rollbed for easier service access to game interior.
  • Power Requirements: 120V/50/60 Hz
  • Start Up: 1.3 amps
  • Operating: 0.7 amps

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