Congo Bongo Racing Arcade Machine

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Congo Bongo Racing Arcade Machine is a ticket redemption, motion simulator racing game that uses a interactive bongo drums as the controls.

This family friendly and fun video redemption machine with motion simulation is great for kids of all ages and has a seat belt for the seat for that extra peace of mind. The seat also feature speakers in the head of the seat for superb and immersive sound quality, and the effects are fun and exciting to complement the cool onscreen graphics. The cabinet also uses LED lighting to make it bright and noticable on any floor.

Players will have four characters to select from, including Rabbit, Gorilla, Pig or Duck, which they will race against the others using the bongo drum controls to either side of the chair. They will race across three colourful rainforest and jungle scenes, competing to be the winner! Tickets are awarded to players for picking up objects and winning the race - the more points you get, the more tickets you will receive!

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