Cougar 8

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A electronic dart game, that encourages the player to throw their darts as fast as possible to get more rounds. At the beginning of the game players adjust their own shooting time (handicap). After each round the computer will then auto adjust each player's handicap in order to keep up to date with players skill levels.

There is a new mode called "Split Score" in which a different target appears each round. If the player hits the target their score increases if the player misses the target, their score splits in half.

  • Front service access
  • Faster processor & expanded capacity on controller card
  • Improved fanless power supply
  • Fold in half transportability
  • Double steel cash box doors
  • Side access league slot
  • Accessory package included
  • T-60/30 target with double bullseye
  • Accepts any soft tip dart up to 30 grams
  • "Tru-Score" for absolute scoring accuracy
  • Piezo "missed target" sensor
  • Auto "one-dart-out" calculator/display
  • Includes the games "01" & "cricket"
  • Versus the computer("Ernie") feature

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