Crazy Hoops

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Crazy Hoops is a basketball game from ICE which can be played by one or two players, and has the option of a moving or non-moving hoop.

Other features include running time clock, three point bonus round and hi score display. The game can also be programmed for up to five rounds of play with operator adjustable times.

Game Features

  • Fast game play, various difficulty levels
  • Operator adjustable payout
  • High quality, sturdy cabinet
  • Maximum 32 units can be linked
  • Blue flashing neon light on the frame of the game
  • Mercy ticket function available
  • 4 stages in one game, player will proceed to another stage if enough points are scored per level.

  • 1030W x 2500D x 2780H (mm)
  • 41"W x 98"D x 109"H

  • 150kg / 331lb

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