Cruis'n Blast Arcade Machine

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Cruis'n Blast Arcade Machine is an arcade exclusice racing game from Raw Thrills and a reboot of the legendary driver series that debuted in the '90s, known as Cruis'n U.S.A.

Cruis'n Blast takes the series into the new millennium with updated graphics, gameplay and interactive features.

The new game will feature an enclosed cockpit cabinet with immersive sound, a 43" 1080p HD LED monitor, over 1,000 vibrant RGD LED lights, a GTX 750 Ti Nvidia computer for HD graphics and the ability to link up to eight units for massive multiplayer races.

Players can choose from a variety of cars, including a Lamborghini Veneno, Nissan GTR and Corvette Z06.

The Cruis'n Blast Arcade Machine stands out in any location, drawing in players from all across the floor!

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