Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix Arcade Machine

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The third version of Konami's dancing series featuring a total of 68 songs, 35 of which are new to Dance Dance Revolution.

This version also includes modes like:

  • SOFT: The Power gauge reduction pace is slow with the fewer arrows. When "LITTLE MODE" is selected, the number of required steps decreases.
  • MEDIUM: The Main mode in DDR 3rd MIX. Dance the hot steps and go to the next stage.
  • NONSTOP: Breathtaking NON-STOP mode. Select the course and clear the stage at one stroke.

The most anticipated on these modes was the Non-Stop Mode in which the player must play through 4 challenging songs, each song is in a themed course. Being a Non-Stop mode the player must have great stamina because there is only one dance gauge for entire course.

This version also features the new play mode "UNISON". This new mode can be cleared by 2 players' team play in one sequence. Step your partners arrows to contribute to the team play. Of course you can help your partner by stepping on his/her part, or you can play the entire sequences by yourself. In this mode the yellow arrow is for both players, the blue arrows are for Player 1, and the red arrows are for the Player 2.

This version also includes the lyrics for almost all songs. You can select whether the lyrics are displayed or not by pressing the square Start Button.

Last but not least in this 3rd mix version features an Internet Ranking system in which player can complete against other player nation wide. If a player score is extremely high (higher than 80 million points) in one out of three courses in NON-STOP MODE of DDR 3rdMIX, the score and a password will be displayed.

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