Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix Arcade Machine

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Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix contains a total of 122 songs, 9 of which are hidden and unlockable. Of these, 40 of them are new to the DDR series.

The core gameplay of DDR 5th Mix is the same as the previous Dance Dance Revolution games. 5th Mix is the first arcade version to display the game with a 60 frames per second refresh rate for smoother gameplay, with the previous games running at only 30 frames per second. This version also introduces the song wheel interface used when selecting songs.

Unlike DDR 3rd Mix and DDR 4th Mix before it, Nonstop Mode, which allowed the player to play one of several set courses without stopping, is not available in DDR 5th Mix. 5th Mix does however have 4 "Long Version" songs which run twice as long as a standard DDR song.

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