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Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (DDR Extreme) is a music video game by Konami and is the eighth release in the main Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) series.
DDR Extreme is similar to DDRMAX2 7th mix. The game introduced "Beginner" and "Nonstop" modes, a mode similar to the previous "Challenge mode", but with an updated "life bar", a graded rating at the end of each course and a random banner. Perhaps the most noticeable changes in DDR Extreme are the extra stage and the updated green color scheme. Players can pick their own song to try to pass the extra stage, including "The Legend of Max". If they do well on the "Extra Stage", they can progress to One More Extra Stage. The banner of Dance Dance Revoloution unlocks access to other songs. If the player passes, a special ending is unlocked. New songs are introduced, including the Bemani revival songs , like "Beatmania IIDX", "pop'n music" or "Keyboardmania", and versions of DDR Solo, Home DDR and DDR Club songs created by DDR Extreme. A "cheat code" reveals the true number of songs, including hidden songs. Pressing the left and right buttons simultaneously unlocks the Series, Alphabetical, Beats-per-minute, Player-best and Default sort orders.
Extra Stage

DDR Extreme uses a slightly different rule for Extra Stage, although the basic principle remains the same. Players who rate AA or better on Heavy/Challenge difficulty access the Extra Stage. However, the player can choose any song for Extra Stage, though the regular ES modifiers (1.5x (speed), Reverse (scroll), Heavy (difficulty), No Recovery dance meter) still used. The Legend of MAX will be added on ES. If the player gets AA on The Legend of MAX as ES, the player access One More Extra Stage (OMES), where Dance Dance Revolution is the sole choice (using 3x (speed), Reverse (scroll), Challenge (difficulty), and Sudden Death dance meter).

Though not related, the other three "boss" songs may unlocked on different stages. Trip Machine Survivor is unlocked on the second-to last stage. Paranoia Survivor is unlocked on Final Stage. Paranoia Survivor MAX is unlocked on Final Stage with special requirements: the player must earn an AA on specific Paranoia songs - and only Paranoia songs - during play

DDRX adds two difficulty levels to Light, Standard and Heavy: "Beginner mode", which appeared in previous releases of Dance Dance Revolution under the name of "Simple" and also featured in Dancing Stage EuroMix 2 as "Beginner", is an easier setting than Light and represented by a light-blue color. The background animations in Beginner mode are replaced with an on-screen dancer who follows the actual step patterns of the song, cueing the player when and where to step. Players are also given a brief tutorial on how to play Dance Dance Revolution after selecting their first stage. By default, "Beginner" mode automatically passes players on their first stage regardless of accuracy; subsequent stages play to end of the song even if failed. Players can exit or enter Beginner mode anytime during stage selection.

The "Challenge" difficulty level is above "Heavy", but the complexity of its step patterns are not necessarily alwaysgreater than "Heavy". Challenge mode cannot be selected at the start of the game; instead, players must enter during stage selection, represented by a purple color. Unlike other difficulty levels, relatively few songs have a Challenge difficulty level. In contrast, some songs contain only Challenge step patterns and selecting them automatically chooses the Challenge level for those songs. In the arcade release of DDRX no visual indicates that a song has Challenge step patterns. In the PlayStation 2 release, icons representing each difficulty level including Beginner and Challenge light up when a highlighted song is playable on those levels. During normal gameplay, Challenge uses the same rules as other levels.

Nonstop mode
Non-Stop Mode is essentially the same as the Standard Mode, except players lose more of the dance gauge bar for each missed step as they progress further along the song.

Challenge mode
Challenge Mode is the hardest game mode included in Dance Dance Revolution where the player is presented with specific goals to meet, such as passing a particular section of a some with different variations, playing a song with special modifers, or earning a set score.

Nonstop and Challenge modes contain a new step judgment called Marvelous. The judgment uses a stricter timing window than Perfect, representing very accurate steps made by players. Marvelous is displayed after each such step in white, and is not displayed during normal gameplay.

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