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The gameplay of Dance Dance Revolution X continues the gameplay introduced at the beginning of the series. DDR X contains returning Konami Originals and classic licensed tracks as well as new songs by Konami and label artists. Despite the new overhauled cabinet design available, the dance stage layout remains almost completely unaltered to the original.

Screening filters are introduced in X, which placed on the scroll behind the arrows and on top of the background. The default placed on it was off, and can be set to either dark, darker, or darkest.

The following features are introduced in X. Combo will break when a player has made a N.G. in freeze arrow and/or shock arrows. Numeric digits in the number of combos and the word combo are assigned certain color; it applies only to current fragment of combo; its color can be white (with frost surrounding the font) if it contains Marvelous steps only, yellow if it contains Marvelous and/or Perfect steps only, or green if it contains Marvelous,Perfect, and/or Great steps only. Declaration of Marvelous Full Combo (If all steps are Marvelous only), Perfect Full Combo (If all steps are Marvelous and/or Perfect only), and Full Combo (If all steps are Marvelous, Perfect, and/or Great only) is conditionally shown before the message Cleared (With matching color for laser beam effect and sunlight effect) and on stage result (Shown below performance grade with matching color for sunlight effect)

All characters from previous version (including the trademark Concent and Zukin) return in this game with new costumes. Two new characters have been added, Zero and Bonnie. Each characters costume have an alternate palette swap (marked with 2). Also the version of Afro and Lady from older games are selectable.

  • Afro (Disco in the US version)
  • Alice
  • Baby-Lon
  • Bonnie (new)
  • Chibi (PIU Fiesta New On DDR X)
  • Emi
  • Gus
  • Jenny
  • Julio
  • Rena (new)
  • Louis Concent-III
  • Queen-Zukin
  • Rage
  • Ruby
  • Yuni
  • Zero (new)

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