Daytona USA DX Twin Arcade Machine

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Daytona USA DX is a high-speed, stock car twin arcade racing machine and is part of the immensely popular Daytona series from Sega.

Players get to choose from a multitude of options:

  • Four dynamic view points

  • Three different tracks, which are inspired by the NASCAR racing tracks, with surrel or fantasy elements to them.

  • Three types of cars to choose from!

  • Three difficulty levels - easy, normal and hard.

The cabinet also has a number of features for players to enjoy, including:

  • 42" display monitor each seat.

  • Force feedback steering so players can feel every turn, bump and impact with the road and other cars.

  • Two pedal configuration and choice of automatic or manual transmission - the manual transmission features a 4 speed shifter.

  • 3D graphics for a highly detailed and layered picture to add to the immersive experience for players.

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