DC Superheroes 4 Player Ticket Pusher Machine

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DC Superheroes is a coin pusher with ticket payout arcade game in which players press a shoot button to rotate the large wheel on the back wall of the cabinet and drop a token through a peg maze.

If the player times it just right they can get the token through the Bonus Drop area of the maze which will stop the bonus spinner above it. This will drop bonus tokens or cards onto the playfield in order for players to collect cards and win tickets.

DC Superheroes arcade game features collectible game cards around the playfield, which players try to knock off the tray to collect points.

There are 7 Hero cards – featuring Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Green Lantern and The Flash – which players can collect and turn in for a Hero Set Bonus.

There are also 7 Villain cards – featuring The Joker, Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Cheetah, The Penguin, Captain Cold and Harley Quinn – which players can collect to turn in for a Villain Set Bonus.

If players collect both the Hero Set Bonus and the Villain Set Bonus they can turn them in together for Super Card Bonus.

The DC Superheroes game is one of the highest earning arcade games in the market today, and features characters from the world famous DC Comics brand.

The cabinet features 4 different sides of colorful DC Comics characters, plus a marquee that has a unique hero for each of the 4 different sides of this 4-player cabinet.

This great coin pusher is fun for all ages, and collectible cards keep players coming back again and again.

DC Superheroes Arcade Machine features:

• 4-Player cabinet – 1 player on each side
• Easy to use – press the dedicated shoot button in the middle to drop tokens
• Collectable cards on the playfield – 7 Hero cards, 7 Villain cards
• Colourful cabinet design, DC licensed
• Cabinet features DC characters

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