Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition Arcade Machine

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Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition arcade machine takes the swashbuckling arcade favorite, Deadstorm Pirates, adding extra content and puts it in a brand new 2 player closed booth cabinet.

The Special Edition cabinet now features a large lit up skull on the front of the cab, and the game adds two brand new stages as well as unlocking the bonus stage found in the original game for all to play.

With seven stages to choose from and a brand new ending, players will be playing Deadstorm Pirates Special Edition over and over again.

Play together or ride solo, as you battle waves and monsters, feeling the recoil as you fire your canon.

This game has proven its popularity with players over quite some time.

With its bright cabinet and exciting gameply, Deadstorm Pirates draws in players of all ages and skill levels from all across the floor.


  • 2 new stages + previously locked stage now unlocked and playable for all
  • Stunning HD graphjics are displayed on large 50+inch LCD monitor
  • Force feedback in the gun can be felt as you blast away enemies with your gun or sink ships with your canon!
  • Use the steering wheel to avoid creatures and navigate through treacherous waters and tunnels

Installed Dimensions:

64"W x 95"D x 90"H

Shipping Dimensions (3 pieces):

49"W x 77"D x 79"H (seat section) 536 lbs
42"W x 61"D x 79"H (gun section) 460 lbs
61"W x 33"D x 79"H (monitor section) 522 lbs

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