Deep Sea Story 6 Player Ticket Redemption Machine

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A fishing simulation ticket redemption machine in which players use 6 unique fishing rods to control the game. It includes 3 different levels for playing across two 42 inch screens. Players gain points by catching different fishes, and the greater the variety you have, the more points you'll earn!

When the game starts, players will come into contact with many fish. They can use the fishing rod in order to entice fish to take the bait, and once a fish bites the hook the graphics will enlarge and remind players to reel in their fish before they escape. However, tougher fish will need to be weakened with a thunder bolt in order to reel them in.

Players can also purchase 3 different rod types in game:
  • Normal Class Rod (costs 10 points)
  • Medium Class Rod (costs 20 points)
  • High Class Rod (costs 30 points)

  • two HD 42 inch LCD screens
  • 6 unique fishing rod controllers
  • three stages

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