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Design'R Bear is an interactive vending experience with touch screen technology that allows customers to choose a cream, white, tan or black plush teddy bear and then "dress" the bear from a choice of outfits and accessories. Customers can see on screen just how their bear will look as they select from a large variety of separates and accessories including jeans, polo shirts, hoods, love beads, wire rim glasses and sneakers. Themed bears are available as well, including bride, groom, fireman, cheerleader, soccer player and more.

Bears and their user-customised assortment of accessories are vended from a 9-foot-high cabinet designed to attract and entertain throughout the customer's purchasing experience. uWink Design'R Bears are delivered using DynaShrink, a patent-pending technology that allows the bear to be compressed into a very small, easily vended footprint package, without losing its vibrancy or fluffiness, even after 30 days of shelf life. Multiple patents are pending on uWink Design'R Bear, its software, processes and vending machine.

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