Dinosaur Century Video Redemption Machine

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Dinosaur Century is a brand new redemption game from IGS. Featuring colourful, top notch graphics in a deluxe 4 player cabinet, players travel back in time to hunt dinosaurs.

This deluxe arcade cabinet allows up to 4 players to join in the game, with players capturing the dinosaurs by shooting lasers with 3D effects.

Using a joystick to select from multiple weapons, players earn points by blasting the hordes of dinosaurs that walk or fly across the screen. Taking out the largest dinosaurs - like the T-rex - earns players the most points.

The cabinet itself features a massive LCD screen, 3D detailing and LED lighting effects to draw in customers.

  • 3D!
  • Loads of dinosaurs
  • Interesting 'Dragon Egg' play
  • Movie simulating scenes
  • Powerful Special Weapon
  • Distinct scene style
  • Rich Storyline
  • Fierce Hunting Competition

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