Dinosaur King Arcade Machine

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The Dinosaur King arcade machine is a collector or trading card dispensing video game that combines dinosaurs, card collecting and video games into one machine. Card battles use 'rock, paper, scissors' rules, making battles easy to understand for all ages.

The cards come in two styles: dinosaur cards and move cards. These cards cannot be purchased any other way except through Dinosaur King, with 39 cards in this series. Dinosaur cards each have their own dinosaur which includes favourites such as T-Rex. The dinosaur cards are all attached to six elemental types: fire, water, lightning, grass, water, earth and wind.

Move cards are further divided into two types, some allow players to use the associated skill with any dinosaur, others require the dinosaur be associated with a specific elemental type. Each card comes with a barcode that is read by the control panel barcode scanner on the machine.

The story follows that at an excavation dig a magic stone is uncovered that has been left by the dinosaurs, when the stone is touched the characters, Max and Rex, receive a distress signal from the dinosaurs asking for help. Max and Rex must travel back 65 million years to save the dinosaurs from an evil doctor and his gang.

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