Disney Crossy Road Ticket Redemption Machine

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Similar to Crossy Road and Frogger, Disney Crossy Road is an ‘endless jumper’ which features level design and characters from the wildly popular ‘Disney’ universe.

Just like in Crossy Road, your goal is to hop, dodge and slide your way across a busy lanes of traffic in a randomly generated wilderness. The farther you can make it, the bigger your score as well as ticket winnings! The controls have also been simplified down to a single button (players in-game characters will automatically move around objects that get in the way).

What is even better about this edition of the game is that you can select and play as your favorite characters from Disney and Pixar worlds. Play as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jack Sparrow, Wreck-It Ralph, Sadness and more! A second player has also been added so that you can compete with a friend to see who can jump the farthest.

  • Based on the popular Disney Crossy Road mobile game app; officially licensed
  • Choose from numerous Disney & Pixar characters
  • Similar to the classic Frogger in game style – jump along the road avoiding traffic and other obstacles!
  • Procedurally generated levels adds a random element so that every play feels new
  • Single button operation makes it a breeze to play for all ages and abilities
  • Large 65″ screen is vertically oriented, much like a phone or tablet screen
  • Bright and colorful cabinet towers over the competition
  • Challenge friends with head-to-head gameplay

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