Disney Magical World: Magical Happy Mirror Arcade Game

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Disney Magical World: Magical Happy Mirror Arcade Game is designed with girl players in mind. They pose in front of a display that doubles as a mirror to the Magic Castle universe.

Players select a dress from a favourite Disney character such as Minnie, Ariel, Cinderella or Sofia the First. The game takes a “picture” of the player and places them in the dress. It maps the player to a CGI body in real-time. The face is the only part that remains video; the arms of the person are replaced with animated arms.

The technology used in Magical Happy Mirror has been featured in other arcade games including the Mario Kart arcade series.

The players – transformed into a princess – are then placed in a magic castle where, it turns out, are some ghosts causing mischief. The player is asked to help shoo away the ghosts with the use of a magic wand.

Players then wave their arms and scare away ghosts as they appear on screen. The ghosts are round and friendly – not scary.

After chasing away the ghosts, the players are rewarded for how quickly and thoroughly they were able to clear each stage.

A Disney princess thanks the player then they pose for a photo. Several photos are taken of the player during the game.

Once the player selects a photo they would like to keep, the cabinet prints it out. Players are also presented with a QR code that allows them to see all of the other pictures taken during the game, which they can download on to a mobile device.

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