Dragon Blaze

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Dragon Blaze is an exciting 3-D vertical-scroll shooting video game by top Japanese manufacturer, Psikyo.

Game players can select from four main characters, each with their own unique dragon upon which they ride:

Quaid - The soaring dragon knight
Sonia - The girl from the open ocean
Rob - Defender of the giant tree forest
Ian - The young spirit warrior

One of the great features of Dragon Blaze is the ability for a player to separate their character from its dragon during battle, then rejoin them at any time. When separated, a player can set off the powerful close-range "dragon shoot" attack.

With carefully-perfected gameplay and enticing virtual world graphics, Dragon Blaze enthralls everyone from shooter beginners to die-hard shooter fans.

  • Eight-way joystick: To move the player's craft
  • Button-A: Shot and sub-shot
  • Hold Button-A: Super-magic attack at the time of separating or rejoining
  • Button-B: Magic bomb (Emergency escape)
  • Button-C: To separate or to rejoin (short-range attack: dragon shoot)

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