Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner Arcade Machine

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Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner Arcade Machine is the 2016 release from the popular arcade game series and Dragon Quest franchise.

This card scanning game features a large, vertically orientated screen in a bright and artistically designed cabinet. It also features a "Dragon Scanner" in the centre of the control panel, which scans the player cards to put monters and "tricks" into the game, and other controls inclulde a red button, blue button, and a lever.

The player takes up the part of a Monster Hunter in this RPG style game and must track down different monsters to do battle with them and rid the land of menacing monsters. The player will be rewarded with player cards at the end of each game.

In the game players do battle with monsters using their own monsters, represented by the player cards, and puts them in the game by scanning the card. Players can use these cards to create combos using different monster combinations, which releases additional very powerful attacks and are illustrated by stunning special effects. Combos are a huge advantage to players in battle.

Some of the characters include Hoimi (a squid type character), the Eliminator (a large bulky character that is dressed like a medieval executioner, who keeps his great axe in his pants), and the Horn Train (a demonic/devil looking character that runs on tracks).

There are no plans to release this machine outside of Japan in 2016.

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