Dragon Treasure 2 Medal Machine

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Dragon treasure 2 is the continuation of the story of the original dragon treasure. In this game, you play a merchant and your score is determined by the amount of rare items you can sell, the story of course still includes characters from the original Dragon Treasure. There is also the inclusion of the new "Crystal roulette" which appears in the right hand corner of the screen, each time one of the crystals falls into the dungeon. If you elect the crystal roulette challenge and win, then an angel will appear who will lead you into a room full of greater treasure you can sell. There is also the addition of a new chance game; called the "Gold eater chance" each player has a 50% of being the recipient of this chance. There is also three new ways to hunt for treasure, short hunt, for those with few medals just testing out the machine, dungeon hunt which is much more difficult for heavy duty users, alongside Medal attack, where by you receive medals by clearing the level within a set period of time. There is also the possibly of uploading your high score to the official dragon treasure 2 site, where by you can view and compare amongst other players nation-wide. There has also been the addition of extra items and weapons to collect

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