DrumMania 6th Mix

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Drum Mania returns with over 30 new Japanese and Western Songs, as well as some popular Konami original songs. The player can do the Non-Stop mode which covers the official courses. Or the player can opt for the Bonus Track mode which covers the Extra/Encore stages.

Drum Mania 6th Mix can be linked up to Guitar Freaks 7th Mix to simulate a jam session, with up to three players able to take part. The drum set consists of two cymbals, three drum pads and a foot pedal. The cabinet also has three buttons located next to the pads which are used to select and decide in the selection screens.

Symbols fall from the top of the screen which match up with the drum pads, and the player must hit the correct drum, symbol or pedal at the correct time. The players accuracy is judged for each note, and at the end of the song players are awarded a letter rank for their performance. Combos are also awarded when a player scores a number of hits in a row without any misses. The player must reach a certain amount of points to advance to the next level.

Similar versions of the Drum Mania series have been released throughout Asia under the title Percussion Freaks.

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