DrumMania and GuitarFreaks XG3 DX Arcade Set

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Form your own band with the latest DrumMania and GuitarFreaks XG3 DX Arcade Set!
XG3 is latest edition for the DrumMania and GuitarFreaks series by Konami, featuring a brand new song list with over forty new songs.The pinnacle of music simulation games, the XG3 also comes with 10 new and customizable Avatars to choose from.

With XG3 players can win "live points" when playing online, which can be used to unlock hidden rewards such as new songs or avatars. With this DrumMania and GuitarFreaks XG3 DX Arcade Set the two machines can be set-up for co-operative play, allowing you to work as a team to achieve new combos and earn maximum points.

About the Guitar
The latest GuitarFreaks Guitar features five button control at the neck of the guitar and joysticks on the body to simulate the frets and the strumming of a real guitar.

About the Drums
The latest DrumMania Drum Kit allows to have the full drumming experience with seven pads and two foot pedals. To play like a Super Star simply hit colored pad that match the coloured notes once the notes have reached the bottom of the screen.

Here's a video of GuitarFreaks XG3, sourced from Youtube:

And a video of the DrumMania XG3, sourced from Youtube:

  • Over 40 new songs to play
  • 2 Player co-operative play
  • 10 new Avatars to choose from
  • Unlockable rewards: songs, avatars and more

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